DIY Face Mask that makes you GLOW


We’re told we should be cleansing our skin one to two times every day so this is what I used to do. My face was covered in pimples so I was desperately experimenting with lots of different products trying to find one that worked. I had no luck and my skin seemed to be getting worse. Eventually I decided it wasn’t a problem on the outside, the problem was coming from within. I ditched all the cleansers, the exfoliators and toners and switched them for a bottle of kombucha a day. My skin cleared up within a week and the only thing I was using on my face was plain old tap water. I kept this little routine up for a few months and slowly started fading out the kombucha to ensure my skin remained clear. I thought I had found the perfect solution because I was no longer getting pimples, but it wasn’t until I received a complimentary facial one day and got told that I had layers of dead skin and clogged pores that I realized a splash of cold water every day wasn’t going to cut it. She recommended regular treatments and several products but after reading the bottles and not understanding a single ingredient, I politely declined and decided to create my own mini facial.

Exfoliate, detoxify, restore. Those are the three steps. Originally this was something I did on my own but after convincing my friends to try it out, we now make it a weekly ritual to make some chocolate and give each other relaxing facials.

All the ingredients are completely natural and in the long run, it works out a lot cheaper than receiving regular spa treatments and buying premade cleansers.

The scrub removes all the dead skin that we don’t want and unclogs the pores. The charcoal in the mask draws out all those yucky toxins and dirt that your skin is holding onto and the clay further detoxifies as well as reduces inflammation, redness and scarring caused by acne. The ACV is also great for reducing scarring as well as the appearance of age spots. The antioxidants in the lavender oil creates even more of a detox effect while the scent calms the skin, mind and body creating a more relaxing experience and can reduces stress and anxiety. As for the final step of the facial, I could rave about this product forever. Hemp oil. It’s filled with omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids which makes it the perfect food for your skin. It soothes, calms and moisturizes the skin as well as reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, plumps the skin and leaves your face with a beautiful natural glow. It does all of this without clogging pores making it suitable for every skin type- dry, combination, normal and yep, even oily. I’ll leave it there but if you want to learn more about the benefits of hemp oil on skin, I recommend you look it up because the list in endless.

I do this routine at least once a week but I try to do steps 1 and 2 more regularly.

Now, what you’ve all been waiting for.. the recipe to this detoxying, healing, glowy facial. Enjoy!

Step 1: Exfoliate!



½ tsp coconut sugar

1 tsp hemp oil



Add both ingredients to a small dish and simply rub on your face, neck and lips in circular motions. Do this for a couple of minutes and rinse with water and a cloth. Touch your skin. Is it smooth? Yeah, this step alone is incredible.


Step 2: Detoxify!



1 Tbsp bentonite clay

1 tsp activated charcoal

2 tsp apple cider vinegar

2-3 tsp water

3 drops lavender oil



Mix all ingredients together in a bowl and apply to the face. Be sure to cover all areas but avoid the eyes and mouth. Leave on until completely dry (usually takes around 10-20 minutes depending on the thickness) and rinse off using water and a cloth.

Step3: Restore!



Hemp oil

Lavender oil, optional



If you’re doing this with friends, this is the best part. Rub a couple of drops of lavender oil on your hands and place them just under the nose but not touching the skin (this is so you or the person you’re doing this to can inhale the scent and receive the amazing benefits of the oil and feel instantly relaxed. This step is optional.). Rub some hemp oil on your hands and gently massage into the skin. When I do this with my friends I like to give them a face massage for about 5-10 minutes which not only feels amazing but also improves blood circulation. Massage the the face, jawline, neck, shoulders and gently push on pressure points (temples, third eye and sinus areas). Your friends will love you for this and be sure to receive the same luxurious treatment in return ;). Or skip this step and simply apply hemp oil to the face and neck until all areas are covered. The oil doesn’t need to be washed off but if you find your face is looking too oily to be seen by the public then get a damp cloth and gently wipe off the excess oil. Don’t worry, this won’t remove all the oil which means your skin will still be left feeling moisturized and you’ll have a beautiful, healthy glow throughout the day. 






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