Immune Boosting Noodle Soup



Now more than ever, it is so important to keep our immune systems strong. This recipe is warm and comforting, as well as delicious and nutritious. With the help of mushrooms, ginger, turmeric, cayenne, garlic and much more, it is sure to give your immunity a little boost.

Stay safe and positive, we will get through this x





Ingredients (serves 6)


1 L vegetable stock

1 Tbsp peanut butter

2 Tbsp tamari

1 Tbsp fresh turmeric, peeled and grated (you can use powder but fresh is best)

1 Tbsp fresh ginger, peeled and grated

2 cloves fresh garlic, minced

1 L water



180g buckwheat noodles

1 bunch broccolini

1 capsicum, thinly sliced into long strips

2 carrots, thinly sliced into long strips

100g shiitake mushrooms

Choice of oil

10 brussel sprouts, sliced in half

Salt and pepper

200g medium firm tofu

Cayenne pepper, to taste (will add a kick so skip if desired)


Hemp seeds, to serve



1. In a large saucepan add SOUP ingredients and bring to the boil

2. In a frypan, heat a splash of oil. Add brussel sprouts with a sprinkle of salt and pepper and cook on each side for 5-10 minutes until golden and soft

3. Once soup is boiling, add broccolini, capsicum, carrots and mushrooms to the saucepan, reduce heat and simmer for 10 minutes

4. Add tofu to a bowl and sprinkle with salt and cayenne pepper. Toss to coat

5. Once brussel sprouts are cooked, remove from pan and add tofu. Cook for 5-10 minutes or until golden and crispy

6. To serve, add a handful of spinach into serving bowls. Pour soup, noodles and veggies over the spinach to wilt. Top with brussel sprouts, tofu and hemp seeds. Enjoy!


Tip: To keep leftovers, transfer soup mixture to a container and brussel sprouts and tofu to a separate container. Store in fridge for 3-5 days.







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